Team Photos

At last!! We have new, almost up-to-date pictures!! Woohoo!

These photos were taken in July of 1999 at the XIII Pan American Games in Winnipeg, Canada. The top photo shows us doing the North-West Morris dance from Fleetwood, while the bottom shows Jeannie (left) and Colleen (right) doing Princess Royal (Bledington) as a double jig. There's also a lovely shot of our musicians :)

These next few pictures were taken in September of 2000 at Assiniboine Park. Here we are joined with members of the Village Green Morris Men (who are not wearing their, I mean, kit).

"...and the battle begins!" (Headington Trunkles)

"Hey! Get that camera out of my face!"
(Colleen doing Bledington Princess Royal.)

Oh! The Synchronicity!

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