About Our Name and Logo

The name Winnipeg Mountain Morris was the brainchild of former "members-at-large" Dane and his wife Beth. The name refers to either "Garbage Hill"(in Westview Park), built on an old landfill site, or Little Mountain Park, just north-west of Winnpeg. (Winnipeg is on the Canadian Prairies and has no mountains, or hills for that matter, to speak of.)

...actually we have no idea why the team was named what it was. If you really want to know, go ask Dane or Beth(if you can find them!).

[NOTE: We kept the name solely for the giggle factor. We did, however, get rid of the day-glo orange shoelaces...]

...and there was much rejoicing...

* * *
Our logo was designed by Colleen McCarthy. It was redrawn and converted to GIF by Peter Rempel, former drummer of WMM and graphic artist extraordinaire (check out Peter's website for examples of his art, fonts, and leatherwork). The logo features, in Peter's words, "Or (i.e. gold), a Bison Rampant Gules, with Hankies, Argent", or, in plain English, a red bison dancing with white Headington short hankies on a field of yellow. Red is the colour of our kit vests; the bison is a symbol of the province of Manitoba (where Winnipeg is) and can be found on the provincial flag and the Government of Manitoba logo. (We wanted to use their logo but they wouldn't let us. Copyright laws and all that...)

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