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Angel.Img from Draw93 Okay, I know some parts of this might sound a little lame, but I feel that they have to be said.

I only knew Milo Sedlacek on IRC, and I didn't get to talk to him very much, since he wasn't often connected to the internet, but through the small amount of contact that I had with him, we became quite good friends, so it greatly saddened me when I heard of his parting. I was crying, and I am still now. He was one of the strongest people I've known, as well as undoubtably the best programmer I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He had leukemia for several months, maybe even years, I don't really know, and he braved through it all. He was so hopeful that he would recover, which makes it all the more depressing. I only wish I would have had the chance to meet him in real life, or even just hear his voice, but all he is is a memory, one which I will guard and keep for the rest of my life. He will be greatly missed.


This is the official site of mourning of Milo Sedlacek, who passed away at around 1:00pm EST, on September 24th, 1998. People who knew him may put pages here at no cost (email me about it). His death was unexpected and premature, and this site is here to let the world know about the amazing programmer of Monospace and TheRPG.
We are looking for photos of Milo. If you have any, please let me know, so that we might post them up here.

Click here for the downloads page, which contains as many of Gradius' programs as we have been able to find.

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