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Welcome to my home page! You will find numerous links to nothingness here, among other things, including void and null. BTW, this page is best viewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer at a resolution of 1024x768 with a full-screen browser window.

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Sadly, Milo Sedlacek (aka Gradius) has died of leukemia. We have put up a collection of web pages to commemorate his life and what he lived for (which was mainly programming). Click here to go there.

Click here for an MOV of Bill Gates getting the Blue Screen Of Death during a public demonstration of Windows 98.

This homepage used to be hosted on my own WWW server called mIRC-WWW. The server is programmed entirely in mIRC code, supports binary files, and partially supports CGIs. A screenshot is available here. The script makes use of the advanced features of mIRC v5.8, which adds, starting with version 5.3, over the previous version with picture windows, custom sockets, millisecond timers, and much more. Version 5.5 also adds support for user dialogs, so now you can create forms like you can with Visual Basic or VC++'s resource editor. You can check for news about mIRC by going to the mIRC Homepage. You can download another script I made, which makes use of all the above mentioned features, called Easel, by clicking here. And please, PLEASE, if you find a link on this page which does not work, please email me to let me know. If there is anything in particular that you'd like to see on this page, just tell me about it, and I might just put up a link to it. You can almost always find me on IRC, usually in #qbasic, with the nick logiclrd or logiclr- (if your browser does not support .chat files, you can configure it to by clicking here).

Anyhow, enough with the mindless chatter. Please enjoy my homepage =}

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